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Who Are Utah’s Biggest Air Polluters?

It’s that time of year again in Utah. The weather has definitely turned and the air has become tasty and thick. Pictures on Instagram of hikers rising above the inversion in the Wasatch Front have clogged my feed in the last week. Per the usual seasonal uproar, all of the locals will complain about the […]

The Democratization of Money

When the Continental Congress finally adopted the Declaration of Independence, they did so with the intent of freeing themselves from a despotic and tyrannical system which had been oppressing them for a looooooooong time. Did they imagine a new, better world for themselves? Arguably, not for themselves per se, but for their children and grandchildren […]

Predicting the Death of Bitcoin is the New Luddite Pastime

Luddites have become historically famous for their protest against labor-saving machinery that threatened to, and eventually did, put most of them out of business. The plight of the Luddites has been felt many times over in the last two centuries. With the advent of new machinery, whole segments of industry are threatened, and either they […]

On Black Markets and Medical Prohibitions

I received an email from a friend the other day asking if I had any illicit connections to help them get a particular medical treatment for a loved one. They don’t have insurance, don’t regularly see doctors, but it’s pretty clear that this treatment would help reduce the risk of high blood pressure, heart attack, […]

Thought Experiment: A Super Democracy

If living by the will of the majority of the people is democracy, then super democracy, in my opinion, would be living not by the majority, but by absolute agreement of every citizen. Let’s start a small thought experiment: what would it be like to live in a world where any dissenting voice could stop […]

Seven Ways Automobile Insurance Isn’t Like Health Insurance

Tell americans to get car insurance and nobody bats an eye .. tell them they all need health care and all of a sudden everyone has a fit. It’s the newest meme. Why are so many Americans so concerned with the health insurance mandate? They already buy insurance for their cars and their houses, their […]

Eight Things Private Companies Could Do Better Than Government

I asked one of my friends who happens to love government intervention to come up with a list of things that government does better than the free market could, and he came up with this short list: The Military Food and drug safety Interstate highway system The Hoover dam NASA Fire departments Police departments Public […]

Our Constitutional Republic is at Stake?

A week ago Thomas Friedman wrote an OP-ED for the New York Times that was widely quoted and posted all over my Facebook feed. After giving it a hearty read and having much to say on the topic, I’ve decided to pen much of what I think about the piece and about the philosophy espoused […]

An interesting thing happened to me on the way to the bank…

I’m a rabid fan of sound money, commodity currencies, cryptocurrencies, and barter.