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A Glimpse Into The Crypto Future

In the bowels of the Salt Lake Library, isolated from the coffee drinking hipsters in leather skirts, the open palms of transients seeking shelter, and the curious gaze of families passing time, a group of thirty or so give unfailing attention to a tie-less man in a blue blazer who is uncovering details of the strategy […]

Why in the heck do we work so hard to go to church for three hours every week?

Over the last ten years I have had hundreds of opportunities to ask myself a serious question: why do we bother going to church every week for three hours? You’ve gotta understand, ten years ago we started our family, and church became increasingly more difficult. Prior to our first child, getting ready and attending church […]

An interesting thing happened to me on the way to the bank…

I’m a rabid fan of sound money, commodity currencies, cryptocurrencies, and barter.

Coming soon…a business opportunity

I’ve been working on a business opportunity I am going to be offering to the general public. I should have it finished in the next couple of weeks, but the deal is going to be interesting, so keep watching…


Jake is here! After waiting for ten months, child #4, Jake, is here! The first couple of nights he was home were a little dicey, but sleeping is for wussies, so we are good. He’s a cute baby and we are stoked to have him. The kids all love Jakey and ask to hold him […]

How To Create A Successful Mind

I am doing another version of How To Create A Successful Mind on July 11th from 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM at the Studio in Sandy.

A New Year, A New Commitment to Blog

There is actually something new to talk about – I finally got the printed copies of my book! A year and a half later, I finally have a real book. I am a published author! It’s available on and directly from my website at Other than that, my days are full. School, design, […]

Let Me Be Honest

There are two reasons why you haven’t seen anything new from my blog in a month… #1 – I haven’t been riding the train a lot. Or at all really. We were still a two car family. As of yesterday morning, we are officially a one car family, which means that I, out of love […]