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One of My Dreams Came True

I’ve been juggling since I was 18. I started when I stole/borrowed a Klutz book of Juggling and three bean bags from a friend, and I’ve never stopped since. I can juggle 3, 4, and 5 balls, yo-yo, clubs, knives, torches, rings, diabolo, devil sticks, cigar boxes, contact juggling, a little bit of spinning tops, […]

Pranay on the Diabolo

Diabolo is my favorite prop, and I know we haven’t spent much time on it, it is what I love the most, and this kid has a great style. It’s a little long, but he does a great job.

A Good Mix of Everything

In this compilation video that was made to commemorate the end of the International Juggling Database website, you’ll see a whole bunch of different styles and tricks that were contributed to the site over the years.

Vova and Olga Piano Act

Vova and Olga do a great job of involving every day objects. This time they show how you can juggle and do other things at the same time: play the piano and ride a unicycle. Great stuff from great artists.

Vova and Olga Passing Act

This is a great representation of a touring act. These two make passing look great, easy, and fun. Vova and Olga are great.

Vova Galchenko Solo

Vova is part of a duo that does a great show, but this video is a demonstration of his awesome club juggling skills. I would consider this more of a street performance.

Steven Ragatz Routine

This is a great video to show how a show should be put together. He does a great job of building out a stage, a story, and still demonstrates great skill with the props he uses.

Toby Walker Video

Toby Walker is a world-class competitive juggler who has a great set bouncing a ball on his head and integrating other props like clubs and balls in a multi-pattern. He’s really great. Check it out.