One of My Dreams Came True

I’ve been juggling since I was 18. I started when I stole/borrowed a Klutz book of Juggling and three bean bags from a friend, and I’ve never stopped since. I can juggle 3, 4, and 5 balls, yo-yo, clubs, knives, torches, rings, diabolo, devil sticks, cigar boxes, contact juggling, a little bit of spinning tops, and some coin magic. I worked for a store that sold juggling equipment, I juggled with street performers while I was on my mission in Italy, I have performed with corporate circuses and done my own street shows, but I’ve always wanted to give back a little bit and teach other people to juggle. I have spent so many lovely and enjoyable hours juggling. I want other people to have that same joy.

Two months ago I had the chance to do a class on juggling as part of the community school program in Davis County. Someone saw that I was doing the class and asked if she could interview me for a local paper. Either it was a slow news week or I was lucky, or both, but my class was featured in a front page, Sunday edition story in the Ogden Standard Examiner, and had 16 students enroll in my class. I had a blast teaching them juggling over 8 weeks. Some learned really fast, some not so much, and some of my younger students used the time to mess around instead of learn to juggle, but we all had fun. I considered the class a success.

Then today I get this email from one of my students, and suddenly one of my dreams really had come true.

I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to teach the class on juggling. I learned a lot. When I tried on my own a few years ago and was unable to get very far, I got discouraged and juggling just got put onto the back back burner while I pursued other forms of entertainment to go with being a clown, always thinking “someday, I’ll get back at it”.

Thanks for giving me the encouragement to try again and helping me with the goals I made not thinking I would make them. I was content to say that I could juggle a little which is more than others said I could do. Now I can say that I can do more than others expect. You took the time to help, encourage and even tried to see what I see and understand some of the difficulty I have.

I can now pick up juggling balls, rings, and clubs and not be intimidated. I am improving and will continue working and challenging myself to learn more. I may never get as good as you but I can still entertain with these props.

I hope the others continue on and take every opportunity to use their talents and this new talent of juggling to bless others by entertaining any and every opportunity they can. Hopefully they get some circus sawdust into their blood. When it gets deep, you can never lose it. You can just improve.

Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Horatio P. Weatherspoon lll

This from one of my students who is also a professional clown. I’m just grateful I had a hand in it somewhere. I can’t wait for classes to start again in the fall…

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