The Democratization of Money

When the Continental Congress finally adopted the Declaration of Independence, they did so with the intent of freeing themselves from a despotic and tyrannical system which had been oppressing them for a looooooooong time. Did they imagine a new, better world for themselves? Arguably, not for themselves per se, but for their children and grandchildren […]

A Glimpse Into The Crypto Future

In the bowels of the Salt Lake Library, isolated from the coffee drinking hipsters in leather skirts, the open palms of transients seeking shelter, and the curious gazeĀ of families passing time, a group of thirty or so give unfailing attention to a tie-less man in a blue blazer who is uncovering details of the strategy […]

A Request for Extended Kindness

Church is for sinners. SINNERS. When Jesus Christ made his way through Palestine and the surrounding areas preaching the gospel, he often associated with people many Jews considered evil, dirty, and sinful. They accused him by his association with them. In response Christ gave three of what I consider to be the most poignant parables […]

Predicting the Death of Bitcoin is the New Luddite Pastime

Luddites have become historically famous for their protest against labor-saving machinery that threatened to, and eventually did, put most of them out of business. The plight of the Luddites has been felt many times over in the last two centuries. With the advent of new machinery, whole segments of industry are threatened, and either they […]

Why in the heck do we work so hard to go to church for three hours every week?

Over the last ten years I have had hundreds of opportunities to ask myself a serious question: why do we bother going to church every week for three hours? You’ve gotta understand, ten years ago we started our family, and church became increasingly more difficult. Prior to our first child, getting ready and attending church […]