A Scriptural Study of Marriage


If you are like me, you want to know what the Lord expects of you in your marital relationship. This is meant to help you figure that out for yourself. Laws: the principles and regulations established in a community by some¬†authority and applicable to its people Rites: the formal or ceremonial acts or procedures prescribed […]

If You Can’t Change My Circumstances, Then Change My Heart


For a long time I have been praying, quite regularly, for the Lord to change my circumstances. Make my dog more obedient. Make my son interested in reading. Change how things are going at work. Change my relationship with my wife. Fix the broken car. After all, the God of creation, who loves me as […]

I Thirst

She comes in dreams reverence quenching in a gaze and I’m found   She vanishes ahead of times and places and pressure to perform   Groping for the memory of the moment Was it real?   Wrapped in sleep? Birthing thirst for missing admiration?   By her grace I’m loved She sees as He sees […]

It’s Complicated

Look, I’m no expert. I’m not. I barely feel competent in my own professional field. I don’t pretend to grand knowledge. I think it is hubris for anyone to pretend to grand knowledge. The world is simply too big and too complex to get any kind of real handle on. When you add up all […]

Getting Creative in Advertising


Sometimes your advertising need to evoke emotion or present pictures that don’t make a lot of sense when you compare them to the rest of the world. This is one of those ads for me. It came to me like a dream and when I saw what it could be, I couldn’t let it go. […]

Why I Stay

This building will always be dear to me in a very personal way.

There have been too many “high-profile” LDS folk taking their stories to blogs, social media, and to traditional media, for me not to address the topic of popularity, right now. I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I have been my whole life. Lest you think that is somehow a […]

The Problem of Abraham


Christians, Jews, and Muslims struggle with the story of Abraham. And many who seek to tear down or dissuade others from organized religion, Jehovah worship in particular, use the story of Abraham as an example of an unjust, uncaring God who can neither be loving nor interested in human suffering. Setting aside all of the […]

The Democratization of Money


When the Continental Congress finally adopted the Declaration of Independence, they did so with the intent of freeing themselves from a despotic and tyrannical system which had been oppressing them for a looooooooong time. Did they imagine a new, better world for themselves? Arguably, not for themselves per se, but for their children and grandchildren […]

A Glimpse Into The Crypto Future


In the bowels of the Salt Lake Library, isolated from the coffee drinking hipsters in leather skirts, the open palms of transients seeking shelter, and the curious gaze¬†of families passing time, a group of thirty or so give unfailing attention to a tie-less man in a blue blazer who is uncovering details of the strategy […]

A Request for Extended Kindness

The Bair Canyon Branch

Church is for sinners. SINNERS. When Jesus Christ made his way through Palestine and the surrounding areas preaching the gospel, he often associated with people many Jews considered evil, dirty, and sinful. They accused him by his association with them. In response Christ gave three of what I consider to be the most poignant parables […]